LED lighting for passenger transport


Biosphere Flux began its activity at the end of 2011, with the intention of becoming a leading company in the development of innovative products using LED technology.

Our company’s evolution has allowed us to focus on the sector of passenger transport, and we have been awarded some projects that are of great international significance. We have much experience in supplying customer-oriented lighting and ad hoc solutions for the passenger transport industry

We design, manufacture and sell competitive and long-lasting lighting solutions, keeping in mind the local requirements of the target country. Our solutions offer quality, energy savings and security. We do all this with ISO9001 quality management systems certification.



Our headquarters is located in Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona, where the main company offices as well as our distribution, quality control and research centre are found.

Our manufacturing takes place in Shenzhen, China, the world’s largest source of LEDs. We are constantly growing, gaining international presence and providing quality service and excellent product to customers and distributors, offering added value to the passenger transport LED-lighting industry.



We consider the creation of new products to be of vital importance to our company. We are always thinking about quality and better energy efficiency, so within our engineering department, we have incorporated a laboratory, specifically for studying equipment and developing technical illumination studies.

Our RDI department is continuously developing new systems and equipment, each more efficient than the last when it comes to the quality-savings-lumen ratio. Therefore, the implementation of LED diodes in housings and diffusers is being studied with an eye toward continuous improvement, along with the use of LED drivers with the best warranty. All of our products are subjected to quality controls at various stages of production.

We maintain direct cooperation with the most prestigious LED-light manufacturers, in order to eliminate intermediaries and keep the best prices.



Our team is our greatest asset. The experience and knowledge of our staff, along with its capacity for technological innovation, sets the foundation for our creative ability. That is where one of our greatest source of wealth lies, which helps us maintain a competitive position on the international stage.