Algeria Refurbishment – Compin (Algeria):

This project is a refurbishment project in Algeria, where the LED is slowly being introduced. One thing to keep in mind when designing the product was that this country has a range of critical temperatures for each product, although for the technical development of the lights the main obstacle that BIOSPHERE faced was the space restriction that it had from day one.

We started with our reading light as a basis, with the focusable and rotating design, and without losing the light’s main characteristic, we designed different products and all the while, down to the tiniest detail, kept in mind the need to be able to assemble the product in the space that we had available. The BSF team was also responsible for assembling the entire kit, to facilitate final customer assembly.

Thanks to the work and great understanding between the BIOSPHERE team and our customer, a USB device was developed. This USB model is exclusive and explicitly for this customer, with some added benefits, according to the initial request.


The products that have been used for this project are: