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Conceptualization and design, development of hardware and software, production, assembly, verification and certification of electronic components for the passenger transport sector.


Product design and engineering

We design 100% adhoc to the needs of the client

Custom made

Design of specific solutions tailored to the product for specific projects




Focusable system

We work with the flow of light and its intensity to achieve the desired effect

Lighting project

We guarantee the suitability of the different solutions applied, both anti-aesthetic and normative

Lighting study

We offer results and optimization

Requirements and certifications

Accompaniment in the on-site tests on the train to verify the theoretical results of the studies.


Product design and engineering

We design 100% adhoc to the needs of the client

Custom made

Design of specific solutions for size reduction, power limitation, fixing study



EN50155 , EN50121, EN61373, EN50124, EN50125…


Production and quality


Product design and engineering

Conceptualization and design, hardware and software development, production, assembly, verification and certification.
No subcontracting

Custom made

We create unique products designed from customer specifications.
The only thing we take from previous projects is our experience and knowledge.


We develop a perfect prototype, which meets 100% of the technical specifications.


EN50155 , EN50121, EN61373, EN50124, EN50125…


Fabricamos en nuestra planta todas las unidades encargadas, las ensamblamos y las comprobamos una a una.


  • Solutions at national and international level, supply and supply of components.
  • Assemblies with our own products or required by the client.
  • Development and design of the needs of each Harness with our clients.
  • Own production without contracts.
  • Modern means of testing and control.
  • Quality Management and approvals with client.
  • Crimping tools, either manual or mechanized (pneumatic or hydraulic).
  • Automatic cable cutting and stripping machines.
  • Search for alternative solutions.
  • Packaging and storage.


Intercom System SIP server

  1. Web user interface supports English / Chinese.
  2. Customizable IVR / voice prompts in English.
  3. Supports multiple call queues and queue queuing sounds.
  4. Supports Layer 3 IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
  5. Up to 50 SIP terminals can be registered.
  6. Supports up to 10 voice conference rooms, up to 100 voice conference members
  7. Call Park, Call Forward, Call Forward, ring Group, Pickup Group, blacklist, call / intercom
  8. Video coding H.264, H.263, H263 +
  9. QoS Layer 3 QoS, Layer 2 QoS
  10. Voice G.711,G.722, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A / B, AAL2-G.726-32
  11. Network protocol TCP / UDP / IP, SIP
  12. Global universal power supply Input: 100 ~ ~ 240VAC, 50 / 60Hz;
  13. Equipment weight: 2.165 Kg; Package weight: 3.012 Kg
  14. Size 440mm (L) x 185mm (W) x 44mm (H) IU standard
  15. Operation of each Passenger intercom units in a consist shall be verifiable via a self-test feature on the CCH

Passenger Intercom Stations

  1. Passenger intercom units (PIU) per vehicle provided for installation in the vehicle interior.
  2. Passenger intercom units consist of a panel mounted enclosure with a stainless steel face which enclose a speaker, microphone,large 1.5 in (38 mm) in diameter recessed pushbutton switch and a status LED.
  3. The PIU marked with graphics to identify the unit as an “Emergency Intercom” unit.
  4. The PIUs marked visually and in Braille
  5. The PIU Station have a green LED incorporated on the face which illuminated to indicate it is functioning and assist the visually impaired in locating the unit.
  6. The PIU station splash-proof, vandal-resistant construction with components designed for severe transportation duty.
  7. The microphone provided with external filters to reduce background noise.
  8. Operation of each PIU in a consist shall be verifiable via a self-test feature on the CCH.
  9. The PIU speaker amplifier include ambient noise sensing and automatic level compensation.
  10. Operation of the PIU station shall be as follows:
  11. When the PIU push button switch is pressed; a.The request for communication with the Operator be latched until cleared by the Operator’s action; b.The status LED on the PIU station begin flashing until the request has been answered by the Operator; and The Operator be alerted to the PIU request by a distinctive chime in the cab. When the Operator acknowledges the PIU request; The status LED light on the PIU station illuminate steady ON; and Two-way conversation may begin without any further action by the passenger. PIU calls be queued in a first-in first-out arrangement.
  12. Communication between one PIU and another not be possible


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