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Biosphere Flux began its activity at the end of 2011, with the intention of becoming a reference company in the development of innovative products in the field of technology in the passenger transport sector. The evolution of the company has allowed us to focus on the passenger transport sector, being awarded some of the most important international projects. We have extensive experience in the design and supply of luminaires, charging systems, electronic equipment and Ad-Hoc solutions at an international level and customer-oriented.

We design, manufacture and market competitive and durable lighting solutions, taking into account the local requirements of the country of destination. Our solutions offer quality, energy savings and safety. All this with the ISO 9001 certification of quality management systems.”

Conceptualization and design, development of hardware and software, production, assembly, verification and certification of electronic components for the passenger transport sector.

Our headquarters

Our headquarters are located in Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona, where the Company's main offices are located, as well as our distribution and quality control research center.
Our final assembly is carried out in Barcelona, although we source our railway materials from the best suppliers in the world.

The electronics are developed in Shenzhen where Biosphere flux China is located, where the largest source of electronics in the world is located, the connectors from France, USA and Germany. PCs from Dubai and Germany. The wiring from France and China. In other words, we are in constant search and growth, gaining international presence and providing a quality service and an excellent product to customers and distributors, offering an added value to the passenger transportation industry.

Our team

Our team is our greatest asset. The experience and knowledge of our staff, together with their capacity for technological innovation, lay the foundations for our creative capacity. Therein lies one of our greatest sources of wealth, which helps us maintain a competitive position on the international stage.

Our team is made up of engineers, designers, technicians, lighting designers and qualified personnel in all areas to provide an excellent service to our clients from the beginning of the projects to the after-sales.


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