Biosphere Flux S.L finishes the replacement of the TRAM Barcelona's luminaires.

Biosphere Flux, together with Alstom Railway, have successfully completed the replacement of the luminaires of the TRAM Barcelona.

Initially a BSF team moved to the customer's facilities to take lighting measurements and electrical measurement and make a complete analysis of the necessary requirements, to design the custom lighting.

The t8 tubes with EN50155, EN50121, EN45545 railway certifications, provide a much higher luminance flux, providing greater comfort to the passengers of the TRAM.

We have sought to offer passengers a color temperature with a high CRI, so that the experience of driving through the streets of Barcelona, offer the ideal lighting inside the cars, which allows to read correctly even with advertising in the form of vinyls that cover the TRAM.

The T8 LED tubes, with a power of 20 W, have been designed to operate at a voltage of 24 V DC, and incorporate rotating heads that allow the luminaires to focus in the most optimal way. Each of the tubes incorporate quick connectors, to minimize maintenance costs before future performances. The BSF tubes incorporate anti-vandalism systems that make them ideal for public transport.

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