Have you ever thought about how much time you spend traveling by public transport?

Passenger needs to improve their experience during their trip

One of the basic needs of the human being, for any activity in question, is light.

You are going to be surprised, but light conditions even our emotional state. It is no coincidence that on rainy days we are more melancholic and when it is sunny we want to be outdoors and do more activities. We do not realize it, but the same thing happens when we are on public transport or passenger transport.
The light reflects the experience of the trip, regardless of whether our trip has lasted half an hour or the whole day.

Why do railway companies choose LED lighting?

Apart from having better energy efficiency, LED lighting greatly improves the passenger experience. It is the healthiest light after the sun. Railway companies that make the decision to change their conventional lighting to LED usually recover the investment in the short term, thanks to savings in electricity consumption.

What types of lighting does passenger transport need?

Generic light – the lighting that you can see in the corridors and the sanitary areas. Generic light examples, designed and manufactured by Biosphere Flux.

Reading light or spotlight – most companies that use this type of lighting do so for their long-distance journeys. Biosphere Flux has spotlight solutions with change of angle aperture. Request more information about this type of products here .

Indirect Light – Light that illuminates trunks and dimly lit areas, where we need only an indicative light.

Light in case of emergency – The light that indicates, in case of need, the exits to quickly evacuate cars. You can see our emergency lights here .

Having a plug in the seat is no longer a luxury, but a necessity

Undoubtedly, lighting in passenger transport is essential, but to take care of the passenger's needs during their trip we have designed and developed power sockets with a high level of protection. For example for our client in England we have manufactured Plug of Standard UK IP22 .

Charge your mobile on the train.

USB charging port

Many passenger transport vehicles have Wi-Fi in the cars, but they do not have ports where the passenger can charge their electronic device.
In this sense, we present the USB charging port with the most compact measures that can be found on the market. It can be mounted very easily on each seat for any type of vehicle.

Biosphere Flux products are flexible

One of the biggest advantages that Biosphere Flux has, compared to our competition, is that we can design a light, plug or USB charging port especially suitable for your project.