Proyecto Biosphere Flux in Sweeden Inlandsbanan

Biosphere Flux is developing together with its partner COMPIN-FAINSA a complete solution for the Inlandsbanan railway in Sweeden.

The projects include:

  • Protection drivers to control the overload and overcharge of the schuko sockets.
  • Reading lights for 1st class seats. En50155 and En50121 reading lights install on the sides of the seats.
  • USB chargers for 1st and 2nd class seats. En50155 and En50121 USB ports.

The Inlandsbanan railway takes you on a voyage of discovery through the beautiful Swedish countryside. You can travel from Värmland in the south via Dalarna up to Lapland in the north. The journey takes you through 19 municipalities. There is lots on offer, from exploring nature and local heritage to eating delicious foods such as cloudberries, whitefish and reindeer. So climb on board for a fantastic journey.

The journey starts in Mora and gradually takes you to through the beautiful Norwegian landscape with the sea, lakes and mountains up to Bodø and Narvik.

From northern Norway, the journey turns south and back into Sweden, where you will see the magnificent Abisko National Park and be able to enjoy the view from Dundret mountain in Gällivare.

It is one of the most amazing train lines in the world.

Biosphere Flux in Sweeden Inlandsbanan project

Biosphere Flux in Sweeden Inlandsbanan project


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