The supersonic Hyperloop train - much more than a revolutionary means of transport!

We will introduce you to a technology that is going to change the lives of many people. Can you imagine travelling a distance of 600 km in half an hour?
What exactly is Hyperloop?

El tren supersonico Hyperloop
Hyperloop is an absolutely innovative vehicle that reaches a speed of 1200 kilometers per hour, faster than an airplane! The average speed that an airplane achieves is 900 km/h. and only thanks to the fact that air resistance is lower at higher altitudes.
To reach this speed Hyperloop uses a system of capsules made of aluminum that travel through steel tubes. These capsules use magnetic levitation technology and "float on a cushion of air" that reduces friction.
At the moment, tests are being carried out with capsules that will be able to transport a maximum of 28 passengers, but it is expected that in the future there will be models to transport goods.

Who invented it?
This super vehicle was invented by Elon Musk, the inventor and founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX and SolarCity. The first proposal to realize Hyperloop was made in 2012, and in may 2016 - the first test of the prototype.

Advantages of Hyperloop:
Very inexpensive cost per trip, for example to travel a distance of 600 km will cost no more than $ 20.
It will be a fast and safe transport
It will be able to transport goods
It will be powered by solar energy
How much does it cost to build a Hyperloop?
The total cost of the project is $6 billion. Compared to a conventional rail project it is 10 times cheaper.