Railway Pogo Connector

Why to use Railway Biosphere Flux Pogo connector:


  • Humanized design automatic adsorption connected experience; Easy operation; Avoid human mistakes, reduce time in connections.
  • Operate in a long life cycle. It supports 100,000-200,000 reattachment life times; Better maintenance cost connector for railway.
  • You can achieve excellent waterproof design, the host female can achieve dust-proof and waterproof (IPX8). Any design can be customized by Biopshere Flux team.
  • Save space, the female with PCB adapter can reach Pogo style and SMT DIP bonding jumper connection.
  • Support a high current (5A-10A), faster recharge, with less operating time.
  • Excellent corrosion rating (48H-120H) meet the harsh environments.
  • Shape customized to meet with product shape matching, improve product selling point.
  • Excellent scalability interface,Can be achieved (Power Signal Video Audio Jack Etc)
  • Development time is short, low-cost mold for customization; 100% customer service during all the process by Engineers of Biosphere Flux.










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