Led lighting and anti-vandal caps of METRO MEDELLIN with CAF

Biosphere Flux and CAF have closed the contract for the remodeling of 100% of the lighting in the Medellín metro. The project has included the design of anti-vandalism bushings, which obstruct any theft of the t8 En50155, En50121 and EN45545 tubes. Made of aluminum and with high IP. BiosphereFlux The project has been developed in a first phase of lighting studies that guaranteed compliance with regulations and based on energy and lighting savings. High indices of light uniformity without glare and high CRI have been prioritized to make the journey very comfortable. BiosphereFlux In the passenger lounge, T8 tubes of specific lengths for the project are used, in two voltages, T8 En50155 of 110 VDC and T8 En50155 of 230 VAC. In this way, the “normal” and “emergency” lines are obtained. BiosphereFlux For the cockpits, specific Round tubes have been developed to ensure the comfort of the pilot, as well as promote concentration at the controls of the Medellín subways. BiosphereFlux CAF signed a contract in 2009 for the supply of 12 trains for the Metro in the city of Medellín (Colombia). These are metro units each made up of 3 cars (2 motor cars and 1 trailer car) that can operate in single and double composition. The trains were delivered to the customer between 2011 and 2012. In 2020, Biosphere Flux remodeled the lighting.

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